Virtual Gold| Goldbars GBS Has Been Permanently Destroyed

Looking at the world today it is clear that more money would simply escalate the problems we face, more money could be spent on arms, more resources would be consumed, when actually the reverse is required, where a world exists without money, and where resources are managed not on the basis of how much money is made on trading, but simply used based on servicing the needs of people and animals.

This world is first and foremost a kingdom of love, then of flora and fauna, then of animals, and finally of humans.

In the interests of healing this world Virtual Gold or any virtual monetary assets must NEVER be created or used.

By creating more money we simply create more poverty.

If people are suffering in the world due to poverty we must together find a different solution.

You have my solemn word that virtual gold or any virtual commodities will NEVER be created, used or transacted anywhere in the world. The solution to money problems is not to issue more.

The Source has been destroyed and all files relating to Virtual Gold.